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Having more fit and prominent muscles is aesthetically important for everyone. Indeed, today, women and men make an intense effort to have more pronounced and shaped abdominal muscles. Having abdominal muscles that make it possible to look healthier and younger in addition to getting a good look is unfortunately not always very possible; hours spent in gyms do not give the same result to everyone. Many factors, such as the ratio of muscle mass in a person’s body, the ratio of fat, the distribution of fat in the body, eating habits, physical fitness, age and gender, can be seen as an obstacle to the development of abdominal novices.

Thanks to emerging medical technologies, it is now very easy to have perfect abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscle aesthetics, called six pack aesthetics in men and two pack aesthetics in women, is basically a liposuction surgery. Men and women over the age of 18, who have healthy lifestyle habits, whose general health condition is suitable for surgery, can have the abdominal muscles of their dreams with abdominal muscle aesthetics.

What Is Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics?

One of the most ideal body contouring aesthetic surgeries for people who have been unable to do abdominal muscle despite having been doing diet and exercise programs for years is abdominal muscle aesthetics. It has been practiced since the 1990s. During abdominal muscle aesthetics, which is mainly performed using liposuction method, the fat in the part where the muscles are taken or increased according to the needs, while the fat in the parts where the muscles are dimpled is reduced. During the operation, which requires quite strategic planning, liposuction technique can also be preferred individually. Hi-Def Liposuction, which provides a very successful intervention for regional stubborn fats, and Vaser liposuction, which minimizes tissue damage, are safely preferred techniques within the scope of the operation.

How Is Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics Performed?

Abdominal muscle aesthetics is a surgery performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, the planning process has a direct impact on the success and safety of the operation. A series of tests and examinations may be requested to determine the suitability of patients for anesthesia when planning the operation. If it is determined that the patient’s general health status is appropriate for the operation, surgery planning is performed. Before the operation, the muscle structure of the person, the amount of regional lubrication and the skin structure are analyzed Nov. In this way, the most natural results can be obtained. Abdominal muscle aesthetics can also be combined with different operations in accordance with the needs of patients. For example, in men with breast enlargement, gynecomastia surgery can be performed simultaneously with six pack aesthetics. For women who are considering a two-pack abdominal aesthetic, breast aesthetic surgeries can also be applied in combination. Thus, body contouring results can be made more efficient.

In parts of the muscles during abdominal surgery, liposuction technique cukurlastig excess fat tissue is taken to parts of the muscle if the person is not treated or if they need to be angled, or that is received from and passed through a special process of fat is injected into the area. Since the needs of each patient may be different, planning is done in a personalized way before the operation.

How Many Hours Does Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics Take?

Abdominal muscle aesthetics performed under general anesthesia can last from 2 to 4 hours. After the operation, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for 1 day. After checking the health status of the patients, discharge procedures are started the day after the operation.

Who is suitable for Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics?

Before answering the question of who is the appropriate candidate for abdominal muscle aesthetics, it is necessary to know about an important issue that needs to be known about this operation. Abdominal muscle aesthetics is a customized liposuction surgery, it should certainly not be considered as a weight loss surgery. For this operation, people who are over the age of 18, do not have obesity disease, are at their ideal weight or close to their ideal weight and have regional excess fat are suitable. In addition, people who do not benefit from diet and exercise, do not have a health problem that will be an obstacle to anesthesia, and want to have a better body are suitable candidates for abdominal muscle aesthetics.

Can women have abdominal muscle aesthetics?

Yeah, women can get novelties. Abdominal muscle aesthetics performed by women is also called two pack aesthetics. Two pack aesthetics, which allows you to get thinner and more shaped abdominal muscles, is one of the body aesthetic surgeries increasingly preferred by women.

Is abdominal muscle aesthetics risky?

Although abdominal muscle aesthetic surgeries are classified as low-risk surgeries, some complications may occur. There may be complications such as nerve and vascular damage, discoloration of the skin, irregular healing, swelling, fluid collection, headache, infection, fever. If signs of fever and infection are seen, surgeons should be contacted. In order to minimize the risk of complications, patients are informed in detail about the requirements of the post-operative period.

When Do The Six Pack Aesthetic Results Appear?

Abdominal muscle aesthetics results show its effect with the passage of edema and swelling in the operation area. If compliance with the rules after surgery is achieved, the swelling and edema that prevent the appearance of muscle prominence will disappear in 7-10 days. About 6 weeks should be expected for full results to occur. As part of this process, patients should not lift weights and avoid very brisk exercises.

Is abdominal muscle aesthetics painful?

Since six pack aesthetics is a surgery performed under general anesthesia, patients do not feel pain or pain during the operation. Since tissue damage is minimized with the comfort provided by developing liposuction techniques, it is expected that the post-operative period will also pass quite comfortably.

Is there any pain after abdominal muscle aesthetics?

Like any surgical operation, pain may occur after abdominal muscle aesthetics. Surgeons may prescribe painkillers and antibiotics to prevent both pain and infection in the post-operative period. It is important to use drugs without interruption.

What Should Be Considered Before Abdominal Muscle Aesthetic Surgery?

Patients who decide to have muscle aesthetics and whose general health condition is suitable for surgery should stop smoking six weeks before the operation Nov. Smoking can cause wounds to become infected and slow down the healing process. Before novelization, patients should also stop taking blood thinners. Patients with chronic diseases or those who have had the flu or cold before surgery should definitely inform surgeons. Six hours before and 2 hours after Liposuction, you should not consume any food or drink other than clear liquids.

What Should Be Considered After Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics?

It is important not to smoke after Liposuction and abdominal muscle aesthetics. As before the operation, it is necessary to avoid habits that will negatively affect wound healing in the post-process. It is expected that the healing process will pass comfortably in general. Mild pain can be controlled with tablet painkillers. Oedema and swelling disappear in the range of 7-10 days. It is recommended to wear a corset for 6 weeks to support the healing process. After abdominal muscle aesthetics, the return to work process may vary according to the level of effort required by the work performed. It is recommended to wait one week for a return to jobs that dto require movement, and about 3 weeks for a return to jobs that require intense physicrequiring

What Are The Advantages Of Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics?

Abdominal muscles can be pretty tricky for many people to become apparent. Factors such as a person’s skin structure, fat distribution, metabolic rate, muscle ratio, how much they can adapt to the recommended diet and exercise programs can interfere with the dream of getting abdominal novices. Abdominal muscle aesthetics allows quick and effective results to be obtained in selected patients. Since tissue damage can be minimized with advanced methods such as Hi-Def, Vaser and PAL, the healing process can also be passed with minimal complaints.

Abdominal Muscle Aesthetics Prices

Prices abdominal surgery to perform the operation on the experience of the surgeon with the hospital’s pricing policy, the technique to be used during operation of the technology required by the technique, abdominal surgery may vary according to different factors such as whether it is combined with the planned surgery. The clearest information can be obtained from surgeons who have planned the operation.

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