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At the beginning of the areas of the body that are deformed most rapidly and turn into a cause of aesthetic anxiety due to the deformation that occurs, comes the thigh area. Sagging, which occurs for different reasons such as age progression, weight loss, genetic predisposition in the area, also called the upper leg, causes the contour of the leg to deteriorate and the person to be uncomfortable when he moves. With thigh lift surgery, excess skin and fat in the thigh area are removed, connective tissues and muscles in the area are structured so that the legs can be shaped. Thigh lift surgery can be combined with liposuction in accordance with the expectations and needs of patients; patients meet the criteria for combined surgery if necessary, can be performed in conjunction with other body contouring surgeries.

What Is Thigh Sagging? How does it occur?

The thigh is located in the upper and inner part of the legs; it has regionally thin skin and therefore can be said to have a structure that is quite conducive to both crack formation and sagging. Many causes, such as sedentary life, age progression, weight loss and genetic factors, can cause sagging skin in the thigh area and fat accumulation in the area. Aesthetic problems that occur in the thigh can negatively affect the appearance of the legs, as well as lead to people’s legs touching each other during walking, causing irritation and diaper rash. Thigh sagging, which reduces the comfort of living in an aesthetic and functional sense, can be eliminated by a body shaping operation called thigh stretching.

Why Is Thigh Lift Surgery Performed?

It can be said that thigh lift surgery is performed for two main purposes. The first of these goals is to get rid of fat deposits and sagging in the thigh area and to get more aesthetic, fit and shaped legs. Another goal is to eliminate the physical deformation that occurs in the area, allowing patients to move more comfortably and eliminate complaints related to skin friction.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Thigh Lift Surgery?

Her weight is stable, 18 years old, thighs and/or outer with an excess of soft tissue in the lateral part, has health problems that increase the risk of surgery, the operation is committed to leading a healthy lifestyle with realistic expectations about, non-smoking, give up smoking or recommended for people who are considered good candidates for thigh lift surgery throughout time.

How Is Thigh Lift Surgery Performed?

During thigh lift surgery, excess skin and fat are removed in the area, in which it may be necessary to remove different incisions to different parts of the leg. Each patient’s planning should therefore be done specifically. If the inner thigh stretching technique is preferred, an incision can be made from the groin to the back of the string and thigh area, and the saggy skin in the area can be removed. In the Mini thigh stretching technique, only an incision is made in the groin area and the focus is on the upper inner part of the thigh. In the case of bilateral thigh stretching, an incision starting from the groin area and extending to the hip and back is made. Vertical thigh stretching is the technique in which the largest incisions are removed, the incision is made towards the knees. Unlike all these techniques, liposuction can also be included in the process according to the needs of the patients after selecting the thigh stretching technique.

How to Decide the Method In Thigh Lift?

Differentiation of thigh lift surgery methods ensures that the most appropriate responses are presented to the needs of the patients. When deciding which method to apply to which patient, a number of factors are evaluated, such as the patient’s skin structure, the rate of sagging of the skin, the amount of fat in the thigh area, and the extent of deformation. “What is the best method for thigh lift “a definitive answer to the question cannot be given, the important thing is to determine the technique in the patient’s privacy.

How Long Does A Thigh Lift Take?

Although the duration of thigh lift surgery may vary according to the technique, we can generally say that the operation can be completed within 1 or 2 hours. This time will increase to 2-4 hours when the thigh areas in both legs are intervened. If combined surgeries are planned, the time is extended.

What Should Be Considered After Thigh Lift Surgery?

After thigh lift surgery, patients may need to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days. It is possible for them to be discharged after their general health status is checked. At an early stage, patients need to act very carefully. Intense and brisk movements can damage the suture areas, leading to bleeding. After thigh lift surgery, it is very important to use a corset to prevent oedema, protect the area and boil the tissues more efficiently. Corsets should be used for the duration and frequency recommended by surgeons. After thigh lift surgery, it is recommended that patients stay away from salty foods that will trigger oedema, do not smoke and eat rich in protein care. If pain may occur after thigh stretching surgery, simple painkillers will be prescribed by surgeons. It may also be recommended to use antibiotics to prevent infection; patients should take prescribed medications without disrupting them.

Is a thigh lift a painful operation?

Because it is an operation performed under general anaesthesia, patients do not feel pain or pain during thigh stretching. It is possible that pain may occur early after the operation. Each patient’s pain threshold can vary; pain after thigh stretching is generally at a level that can be eliminated with simple painkillers. Patients can have a comfortable period when they do not push their legs too hard and comply with the requirements of the healing process.

What Are The Risks Of Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift surgery has certain risks, and all health examinations must be completed before thigh lift to prevent or reduce the likelihood of possible complications. Anaesthesia risks, asymmetry, bleeding, fluid accumulation, deep vein thrombosis, fat necrosis, infection, wound healing problems, skin discolouration, noticeable scar, skin sensitivity, patients are informed in detail about the side effects, such as persistent pain.

Can the insides of the thighs be corrected with Liposuction alone?

Fat deposits in the thigh area can be removed by liposuction, but liposuction cannot replace thigh lift surgery if the skin structure has lost elasticity and the amount of sagging skin is large. Although the results of thigh lift surgery are more successful when using the liposuction technique, it is important to determine the technique and plan for the patient.

Can thigh lift surgery be combined with different operations?

Thigh lift surgery can be combined with other body aesthetic surgeries in selected patients. The tummy tuck, leg contouring, butt lift and breast aesthetic operations can be performed together if the overall health of the patients is appropriate and they have realistic expectations. In this way, simultaneous changes can be achieved in more than one area of the body with single anaesthesia. Although the healing process after combined planned plastic surgeries is completed at similar intervals, it is also useful to remember that patients can be more difficult in the healing process than in single surgeries.

Is the result of thigh lift surgery permanent?

With thigh lift surgery, the thigh area is reconstructed, which softens, sages and leads to deterioration of leg shape. Although the results of thigh lift surgery are qualified as permanent, the ageing process continues. Sagging of the skin can occur due to ageing, sagging and fat accumulation can accelerate if a person gains and loses weight when they do not adopt healthy lifestyle habits. All these changes that are supposed to occur should not be interpreted as a complete restoration of the patient’s thigh area. Patients do not have old forms of the thigh after the operation.

Does the leg Sage again after a thigh lift operation?

After surgery, there may be some sagging in the leg. This sagging can occur for different reasons, such as ageing, weight loss, and sedentary living. But the sagging that occurs is not so large and obvious that it can cause the patient to become old.

When Can I Return To Work After Thigh Lift Surgery?

Employees in jobs that do not need to spend physical effort can start work within 7 to 10 days. This period can reach an average of 30 days when patients have jobs where they need to spend intense effort. Surgeons who examine the patient’s general health and wound healing will pass on information about the time of return to work.

How about oedema after a thigh lift?

The formation of oedema after thigh lift surgery is an expected complication. But thanks to the correct use of pressurized corsets, careful nutrition planning, and advanced medical techniques that reduce tissue damage, oedema formation can be minimized. Excessive movement at an early stage can increase the problem of oedema and swelling, it is important that patients carefully adapt to recommendations after thigh stretching.

After thigh aesthetics, will there be a scar?

Yeah, but these marks are made from areas of the body that won’t attract attention. The location of the scars may change according to the technique required by the patient. After the operation, the marks in the visible areas become unnoticeable in about 1 year. In order to reduce the prominence of scars, it is necessary to avoid habits and attitudes that may negatively affect the healing process.

Thigh Lift Surgery Prices

Thigh lift surgery-the hospital’s pricing policy, the city where the hospital is located, the surgeon’s experience and past successes, the number of personnel who will participate in surgical operation, surgical technique, whether of the application during the liposuction procedure, patients combined factors such as whether or not surgery thigh lift surgery planning was done could have an impact on prices. Patients are informed in detail about the issue when planning the operation.

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