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The size and shape of breasts are very important in women’s understanding of beauty. Aging, postpartum process, sedentary life, rapid weight loss and loss of volume or sagging of the breasts may occur due to genetic reasons. Sagging breasts is an aesthetically disturbing condition for women. This condition means a change, while sometimes it negatively affects skin health with skin irritation. Diaper rash, which occurs especially in summer, can reduce the comfort of the skin.

Breast lift Aesthetic Surgery, also called mastopexy, is an operation to reposition the nipple higher and thus eliminate breast sagging. During breast lift surgery, the skin that causes sagging in the breast is removed, the breast tissue is tightened. This surgery can be performed in combination with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery according to the needs of the patients.

Breast lift surgery is performed using different techniques under general anaesthesia. It is among the plastic surgeries frequently preferred by women. Women who experience loss of self-confidence due to sagging breast tissue, who cannot make their clothing choices freely and who aim to improve their physical appearance in an aesthetic direction are suitable candidates for breast lift surgery if their general health status is appropriate as a result of the checks.

What Is Breast Lift Aesthetics?

Over time, deformations characterized by sagging in the breast structure may occur due to the influence of gravity or due to various factors such as birth and weight loss. These sagging, which occur in the adipose tissue in the breast and in the breast’s own tissue, can become uncomfortable, leading to a person losing self-confidence and impaired body orientation. Breast lift aesthetics is an operation in which sagging in the breast is removed and the breast is reconstructed. Although it is generally considered to respond to aesthetic concerns, breast lift surgery also has functional characteristics.

Preparation Process before Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is an operation performed under general anesthesia and should be carefully planned. Patients ‘ medical histories should be examined in detail. It is important to examine the drugs used and to examine chronic diseases. Before the operation, mammograms should not be neglected. In addition to general health checks, patients should stop smoking before surgery, using drugs or supplements that have a blood-thinning effect.

How Is Breast Lift Aesthetics Performed?

During breast lift surgery, excess skin in the breast is removed, fat and breast tissue are reshaped. Different techniques can be used during this process. Breast Crescent lift, Peri-Aero lift, Lollipop lift and reverse t lift techniques are used. During the selection of techniques, the needs of the patient are of decisive importance. For example, when the sagging of the person’s breasts is too advanced, 3 separate incisions are made around the Areola and from the lower part to the breast fold while the reverse T lift is performed; if the entire breast needs to be reshaped, the Lollipop lift technique, also known as Vertical Lift, may be preferred. The technique to be used can also cause a change in operation time.

How Many Hours Does Breast Lift Take?

Breast lift operation is a surgery completed within 2-3 hours. There is a natural connection between the duration and scope of the operation. If the operation is planned in combination; in other words, if breast lift and breast reduction or breast lift and breast augmentation are performed at the same time, the operation time may be extended.

Who is Suitable for Breast Lift Surgery?

The main reasons for their application to breast lift surgery are sagging breasts, falling down the nipple and areola, an asymmetry between the breasts, and one of the breasts is sagging.

It can also be stated that there are some other conditions for qualifying as a suitable candidate for breast lift surgery. For this operation, it is important that the person’s breast development is completed and has realistic expectations. During the pre-operation planning process, surgeons will evaluate all these requirement criteria in detail. Since the operation is performed under general anaesthesia, it is also very important to evaluate the suitability of patients for anaesthesia. With the tests and blood tests performed, the general health of the patients ‘ suitability for the operation is comprehensively evaluated.

What Should Be Considered After Breast Lift Surgery?

After breast lift surgery, oedema may occur in the process area. Therefore, after the operation, the drains are removed after 1-2 days. A special bra should be used so that the breasts that are stitched can heal quickly and properly. Information about the bra to be used and the duration of use will be transmitted to patients. After surgery, there may be redness and swelling in the breasts. Patients may experience a certain level of pain; the severity of pain is at a level that can be controlled with simple painkillers prescribed. After breast lift surgery, a certain degree of drowsiness may occur in the nipple and Aerola, this complaint usually passes after a period of 6 weeks.

After breast lift surgery, patients should definitely not consume cigarettes and alcohol. Alcohol and smoking can negatively affect the wound healing process. During the period after the operation, the arms should not be tired for at least two weeks. After a month, the weight can be removed to a minimal extent with the approval of Surgeons. Return to work after a breast lift can vary from 7-10 days if the work pace is light. After breast lift surgery, the breasts should be protected from Impact and not lie face down until full recovery occurs.

Does the scar remain after breast lift surgery?

As with any surgical operation, it is possible to leave scars after breast lift surgery. But these scars try to hide as much as possible in the body folds. According to the technique of breast lift surgery, scar formation is possible after the operation, but it will become silicate over time.

Are breast lift results permanent?

The results of breast lift surgery, which have a very high success rate, are permanent. But it is known that this persistence can be affected as a result of conditions such as weight loss and pregnancy. The progression of time can also lead to sagging breast tissue, so it should be taken into account that the time of surgery should be determined at the right time for each patient and that the body shape should be tried to maintain during the post-operative period.

Is breast lift surgery risky?

Breast lift is one of the aesthetic operations that is often performed and considered safe. But like any surgical operation, this operation can lead to certain risks. These risks may differ depending on general anaesthesia or procedures performed in the region. Breast lift surgery risks may include complications such as bleeding, infection, problems with wound healing, temporary loss of sensation in the nipple, breast disfigurement, formation of asymmetry in the breast, and deep vein thrombosis. Comprehensive audits are carried out before the operation to minimize all these risks. In the post-operative period, patients should contact surgeons if they experience symptoms such as fever, excessive pain or bleeding.

Does breast lift surgery prevent breastfeeding?

Breast reduction, breast augmentation and breast lift operations are all aimed at maintaining breastfeeding function. In order to maintain breastfeeding functions, the size, location and depth of the surgical incision should be adjusted correctly. For this reason, it is necessary to plan the operation according to whether the patients want to protect the functions of breastfeeding.

Does breast lift aesthetics affect breast size?

“Do breasts will be smaller after a breast lift? “The question is widely wondered. After surgery, a visual reduction in the breasts may occur. If breast tissue is removed during a breast lift, some reduction will of course occur. However, although breast lift visually creates the impression that the breasts are somewhat reduced, the fact that the breasts have a fuller and erect shape should not be ignored. As part of the planning before breast lift surgery, patients may also have breast enlargement during this operation; as usual, patients ‘ expectations will guide the planning process.

How Are Breast Lift Surgery Prices Determined?

Breast lift surgery prices can be affected by many variables. The experience of the surgeon who will perform the operation, the hospital’s fee policy, the province where the operation will be performed, the quality of surgical materials used during the operation can affect the prices of breast lift surgery.

Is a breast lift possible without surgery?

Breast lift surgery removes parts of the skin that have lost elasticity in the area and the breast tissue is recovered. It is not possible to achieve the desired effect as a result of breast lift by non-surgical methods. Herbal cures, herbal teas and similar suggestions that are expressed to have a breast lift effect should be avoided.

Sexuality after Breast Lift Operation

After breast lift surgery, patients should not have sex within a minimum 2-week process. After full recovery, sexuality can be initiated with the approval of Surgeons. Improvements in the form of breasts due to the effect of surgery will cause women not to feel aesthetic concerns and increase their self-confidence.

Do breasts look natural after a breast lift?

In the planning process of all aesthetic operations, the natural appearance is targeted. After breast lift surgery, the breast can be restored to a natural appearance. If the lift and augmentation surgery are to be combined, it is possible to eliminate patients ‘ doubts with the choice of silicone that supports the natural appearance.

Bath after Breast Lift Surgery

After breast lift operation, patients are allowed to shower 4-5 days before opening the dressings. But it is important not to contact the wound areas hard and not to damage the tissues.

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