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The shape and size of breasts are very important for women’s perception of beauty and their comfort. Although the first breast augmentation operation comes to mind when it comes to breast aesthetics, breast reduction aesthetics is also a very popular practice. As part of breast reduction aesthetics, the breast is reconstructed by removing breast tissue and skin. Because the irritation problems and pain experienced due to large breasts can be eliminated by breast reduction surgery, this operation has aesthetic and functional properties.

Women who have large breasts may remain unstable in their clothing preferences, experience movement problems, and their comfort of life may be reduced due to shoulder, neck and lower back pain caused by large breasts. Large breasts, which increase in discomfort over time, can appear as an obstacle in front of women. Breast reduction aesthetics can be raised if the general health status of women who have too large breasts compared to body orientation, whose movements are restricted due to too large breasts, who experience aesthetic concerns and face pain problems is appropriate.

What Is Breast Reduction Aesthetics?

Having large breasts can cause both psychological difficulties and health problems in women. Large breasts, neck, back and shoulder areas can lead to chronic pain in women during physical activities that force you can restrict the freedom of choice of dress, bra straps in the shoulder area and the skin of the abdominal region as a result of contact with the pits, tits may cause thickening of the skin, infection, diaper rash and odour formation may result.

Large breasts, which are mostly seen due to genetic factors; can also occur due to weight gain. Breast size can cause breasts to sag over time and increase complaints. Aesthetic operations performed on the principle of reducing the breasts according to body orientation and patient expectations are called breast reduction surgery. It is important to correctly evaluate the expectations of patients before breast reduction surgery and to thoroughly check their overall health status. If necessary, if the patient’s breasts have advanced sagging, a combined transformation can be achieved by performing breast reduction surgery and breast lift surgery simultaneously. In this way, it may be possible to get breasts that are both upright and have more ideal sizes by taking single anaesthesia.

Preparation Process before Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is an operation performed under general anaesthesia. In order to determine whether patients are eligible for breast reduction surgery, the risks of anaesthesia and their overall health should also be analyzed in detail. It is important to share regular medications with surgeons and to transfer information about the status of chronic diseases if any. During the pre-operation process, patients should stop using alcohol, cigarettes and blood thinners. If there are drugs used related to chronic diseases, expert approval should be obtained to stop these drugs.

Who Is Suitable For Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery;

  • General health status for anaesthesia and operation is not an obstacle,
  • Completed breast development and older than 18 years,
  • Low quality of life due to large breasts, chronic health problems or psychology is damaged and their self-confidence is reduced,
  • Applicable to people who have realistic expectations about the operation.

Why Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

“Why is breast reduction surgery performed? “Is impossible to give a precise and single answer to the question. Each patient may have different reasons for this operation. Because of large breasts, limiting physical activity and not being able to freely choose clothes can become psychologically exhausting. Breast reduction surgery is the most common type of breast reduction surgery.

How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast reduction surgery can be performed using different techniques determined specifically for the patient. During surgery performed under general anaesthesia, the technical determination may vary depending on the size of the breasts, how much tissue to remove and how the image is targeted after the operation. If there is no excessive size in the patient’s breasts and the ratio of adipose tissue is sufficient, sometimes liposuction may be sufficient. A lollipop technique based on incisions from the areola area and the lower breast fold may be preferred in case of a significant sagging and medium-sized reduction in the patient. In the Lollipop technique, configuration occurs after removing excess fat and tissue in the breast. If it is necessary to remove too much tissue from the patient’s breast, the anchor technique can be applied. As part of this technique, incisions are opened around the areola, towards the breast and at the bottom of the breast.

Which Is The Best Breast Reduction Method?

Different techniques can be applied within breast reduction surgeries, but the best technique may vary for each patient. During the planning of breast reduction surgery in person, the needs of the patient are taken into account, and the technical selection is performed in such a way that the best results are obtained in person. In short, instead of the best technique for breast reduction surgeries, the most accurate technical discourse for the patient will be a more accurate approach.

How Small Can Breasts Be?

During breast reduction surgery, part of the breast tissue is removed. How much tissue to remove will be determined according to the patient’s expectations, body structure, shoulder width and needs. Surgeons plan operations to remove the most accurate amount of tissue to achieve natural and shaped breasts during the post-operative period.

How Many Hours Does Breast Reduction Surgery Take?

The duration of breast reduction surgery may vary depending on how much tissue will be removed from the breast, the scope of operations to be performed in the breast, and the preferred operation technique. If breast reduction surgery and breast lift surgery, which are completed within 2-3 hours under normal conditions, are performed simultaneously, there will be an increase in operation time. Patients are informed in detail about both the life after surgery and the duration of the operation in the preoperative period.

Can Breast Reduction and Breast Lift be performed together?

Breast reduction and breast lift surgery can be performed in combination in selected patients. In some patients, breast sagging is not a problem, while in some patients, breast size and breast sagging can be a problem at the same time. In such a case, the combined application of both operations comes to the fore as a choice that increases the satisfaction of patients.

Is there any pain after breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is an invasive operation, depending on the technique used. After surgery, pain can be experienced, but this pain is at a level that can be controlled with painkillers. In order to prevent other surgical complications, especially pain, during the Post-operative period, patients must follow the expert directives to the letter.

Is breast reduction surgery risky?

Breast reduction, one of the most commonly used aesthetic operations around the world, is a safe operation but has various risks. Complications such as infection, bleeding, temporary loss of sensation in the breast, the asymmetry between the breasts, risks of anaesthesia may occur. With the right planning and experience of the surgeon, the likelihood of these risks can be reduced.

Cautions after Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is designed to achieve symmetrical breasts of equal size, eliminating the complaints of patients, looking fit and alive. For this purpose, the most appropriate breast reduction technique is selected for the needs of patients. There are several rules that patients should pay attention to in order for the recovery process to proceed smoothly after surgery, as well as to maintain the forms of structured breasts.

  • 1-day hospitalization may be required in the hospital after breast reduction surgery. The patient is then discharged and control examinations are completed.
  • Stitches are usually removed as of the second week.
  • After surgery, patients should wait 4-5 days to shower.
  • It is recommended to rest for at least 3 days after returning home. During this period, the use of antibiotics prescribed to prevent complications of surgery should not be neglected.
  • As after all another breast aesthetic surgery, the arms should not be strained for 2-4 weeks after breast reduction surgery. Care should be taken to use a special bra during the Post-operative period; the recommended bra should be used appropriately during the recommended time period.
  • The formation of oedema after the operation is normal, after 1 month the formation of oedema disappears.
  • For intensive brisk and heavy exercises, patients should wait 1-2 months; they should stay away from smoking and alcohol.

Is There Any Scars After Breast Reduction Surgery?

After breast reduction surgery, the scar remains. This permit visibility and size are closely related to the technique applied during the operation. But this scar is not a disturbing structure for patients, when it is red and obvious at the beginning of the healing process, it will become silicate over time and go away from being a cause of aesthetic anxiety.

Are the results of breast reduction surgery permanent?

Breast reduction surgery leads to permanent changes in the size and shape of the breast; its results are quite successful and permanent. After correctly planned and successfully performing breast reduction surgery, patients can get rid of both aesthetic concerns and health complaints they experience due to breast size. After surgery, it should be noted that there may be re-growth of the breasts due to ageing, weight gain or pregnancy. For this reason, patients should try to maintain the effects of the operation for a long time by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

Does breast reduction surgery prevent breastfeeding?

In addition to important variables such as the size of the breast, the position of the nipple, the rate of sagging in the breast, patients are also evaluated when determining the technique for breast reduction surgery. If the patient is considering giving birth after the operation, it is aimed to maintain breastfeeding functions during breast reduction surgery.

What Is The Best Age For Breast Reduction Surgery?

A decision on breast reduction surgery can be made after the age of 18 when breast development is completed. But not being too late is a more accurate option in the name of preventing structural problems and spinal diseases that may occur due to large breasts.

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