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Aesthetic Dentistry, which has been quite popular in recent years, is made by combining science and art. In addition to being a specific discipline or type of treatment, it is a Dental Branch that gives the best results for the patient from an aesthetic, functional and biological point of view and includes all disciplines.

The main theme of the aesthetic dentistry branch, which aims to aesthetically regulate the mouth area, teeth and gums and to fully perform their functions, is to provide healthy and beautiful-looking smiles. Therefore, each treatment is planned individually. A beautiful smile requires a healthy mouth structure, as well as being aesthetically remarkable.

A healthy smile includes many different characteristics. In order for the teeth to be complete and white, to have no jaw problems, to have the gums appear at the ideal rate and to be healthy, different treatments may be required for everyone. Disfigurement and discolouration of the teeth can create psychological problems that lead to social isolation in people and cause them to lose self-confidence. Everyone needs a nice smile. Moreover, this situation should not be addressed only from a cosmetic point of view. Dental deficiencies and orthodontic problems can cause many different health problems, damaging chewing functions.

Why is Smile Aesthetics Needed?

There are many different factors that cause the need for Smile aesthetics. Sex, Lips, Colour of teeth, the shape of teeth and arrangement of teeth, age and facial features are effective on the smile. People who have functional and aesthetic concerns about their smile can face a number of different problems, such as restricting their movement, abstraction from society, and inability to reveal their individual potential in the face of the problems they experience. Today, with the development of medical technologies, it is possible to achieve natural, healthy and cosmetically impressive smiles. A beautiful smile along with Aesthetic Dentistry is no longer a dream. With personalized planning and experience, results that always make a difference can be achieved.

Aesthetic Dentistry Applications

Before aesthetic dentistry and smile design, the needs of the person should be evaluated correctly and the need should be determined. For everyone to have their own perfect smile, the treatments applied will not be the same. This is why it is wrong to reduce the Smile Design to one or more treatment alternatives. In determining the methods to be applied for Smile Design, many elements such as the patient’s age, gender, personal expectations, facial lines, whether there are caries, lip structure, whether there is a missing tooth problem, the colour of their teeth, shape are evaluated. The most commonly applied aesthetic dentistry treatment methods are as follows:

Gum aesthetics: this treatment, also called Pink aesthetics, is applied to patients who negatively affect the smile aesthetics of the gums. As part of the treatment, the gums are shaped and successful results can be obtained.

Teeth Whitening: one of the most commonly used treatments within the scope of Aesthetic Dentistry is bleaching treatment, also known as teeth whitening. The persistence of its effect varies from person to person. Teeth whitening, which can vary depending on Oral health, can be applied in an office environment or at home.

Porcelain Laminate applications: porcelain lamina dental applications, which can be applied in different situations such as dental perplexity, where teeth are separated, teeth wear or break, orthodontic treatments are not desired, are made without cutting teeth. It is an aesthetic dentistry practice performed on the principle of abrasive the front surfaces and then glueing the porcelain dental laminates.

Implant: one of the most important elements of an aesthetic smile is that the teeth are complete. Dental deficiencies can both damage smile aesthetics and negatively affect tooth alignment, jawbone structure, and digestive functions. Dental deficiencies can be eliminated by applying implants to patients who have one or more missing teeth, whose general health condition is not an obstacle to implant surgery, and who do not smoke.

Full zirconium teeth: zirconium veneers, which have advantages such as long use time, high compatibility with natural tooth colour, durability, minimization of gum problems and conductivity, are the most popular applications within the scope of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Inlay-Onlay restorations: different materials such as porcelain and composites can be used in inlay and onlay fillings applied to patients with significant loss of dental tissue and deficiencies in form or volume. In order for these applications to be performed, there is not enough dental tissue to support the filling, and the tooth is also required enough for crowns.

In Which Situations Are Aesthetic Dentistry Applications Required?

Aesthetic dentistry treats many different oral and dental problems, as well as Smile disorders. Although the main goal is aesthetic operations, Aesthetic Dentistry also offers functional solutions. In this context, people with broken teeth, missing teeth, structural abnormalities in the gums and dissatisfied with the characteristics of their teeth, such as general alignment or colour, are treated with aesthetic dentistry practices.

Who Are Eligible Candidates for Aesthetic Dentistry Applications?

Many people want to have a beautiful smile and correct chewing functions and have a healthier mouth structure. A restoration in an aesthetic sense increases individuals ‘ self-confidence, while at the same time preventing possible health problems due to oral and dental diseases. For example, significant distortions in the teeth can cause gum disease, bad breath, tooth wear, tooth decay, jaw pain, chewing problems. The effect it creates when laughing can also lead to discomfort with the person’s smile. Aesthetic dentistry;

  • Can correct colour problems in teeth,
  • Can provide removal of perplexity in teeth with orthodontic treatment,
  • Can solve the problem of overgrown gums,
  • Can allow the treatment of problems in the sequence of teeth without resorting to orthodontic treatment,
  • Can prevent the progression of abrasions on teeth,
  • Can fill missing teeth.

Wants to have a better smile, tooth and gum diseases due to the comforts of life, then, in order damaged due to deficiencies in the outer chewing functions, the problem of an active infection that disrupts the oral and dental health non-status people with normal general health cosmetic dentistry treatment options can evaluate.

How Long Does Dental Aesthetic Applications Take?

Dental aesthetics practices performed in order to restore dental and gum health and achieve a more aesthetic smile are planned according to the needs of people. For this reason, since the established treatment options will differ, the duration of dental aesthetics applications may also vary from person to person. After interviews with doctors during the treatment planning process, information about the duration of treatment and the details of the treatment process can be obtained.

How Much Do Dental Aesthetics Cost?

The applications and treatments that will be performed within the scope of dental aesthetics are personalized. Therefore, when determining price ranges, a person’s needs and expectations should be evaluated simultaneously. You can get information about dental aesthetics prices during the treatment planning process performed with doctors.

Can the gaps between the teeth be removed with Aesthetic Dentistry?

Although closing the gaps between the teeth is both functional and aesthetically important, it is usually evaluated within the scope of smile aesthetics. The gap between the two teeth is called diastema, and as part of its treatment, orthodontic wire treatment, leaf porcelain or composite fillings may be preferred. All these treatments are applications that fall within the field of Aesthetic Dentistry. The age, expectations and needs of the person are evaluated by physicians within the scope of treatment planning.

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